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Liberating women in Pakistan – the sane chronicle

While browsing the Pakistani blogosphere, I found out that writing, grumbling & debating about women issues is in vogue in Pakistan’s literary circle, not considering the fact that it only adds up to an already bad impression created about the country abroad. Well, I want to rest this argument once for good! -My lame attempt to stop educated Pakistanis from maligning Pakistan either intentionally or unintentionally, on International forums. Lets use our pen with responsibility.

Presenting women with financial independence and social autonomy, is often considered the precise approach to impart them power. However, the candid perspective is, empowering women is only a dream without ascertaining two fundamentals; A Blooming Economy & A Free Judiciary. And therefore, earnest political will!

Integration of women into the social fabric would happen automatically with an improved economy & amplified employment opportunities. Dynamic government policies & magnanimous economic activity leading to more job generation will indirectly lead to more & more women coming out of homes to work, and hence turning them into financially self-sufficient beings.

Furthermore, enforcing women to work without any increase in jobs will only lead to more frustration in the society as now double the number of people will be applying for the same number of jobs, totting up the competition. However, by broadly improving economy, there would be enough space for both men & women in the job market in different categories. You see men doing many odd jobs that are purely a women’s domain, only coz of redundancy. If job market is improved, these chores would also be available to women and even the most conservative ones would come out without eyebrows being raised.

Implying that Islam or mullahs hinder Pakistani women from coming out is totally wrong, since Pakistan is and will remain a moderate Islamic society, irrespective of what the west think of us. Taliban does not at all, are representative of Pakistani culture. 70% of village women here already work outside their homes. Attitude among urban class here has changed, in the last couple of years. Girls are outshining boys in academics these days. More & more girls are joining professions that were previously considered male dominated. More girls than boys are graduating as doctors these days!!More girls are going abroad than ever for higher education. The stereotype has broken. Albeit, more encouragement is needed.

Nonetheless, a piece of advice to those aspirant working ladies; be careful as not to be exploited. Do not mould yourself into a money making machine. Keep this engraved in your mind that the liability of bread & butter lies with the man of the house. To some it may sound old-fashioned, but tell you its very ingenious! A man inept of bearing the burden of his family is not a man enough. Be tactful, shrewd & sober!    

Also, I differ from the common obsession of presuming working women as a parameter of modernity or prosperity of a particular society. Women can be very ecstatic & content inside homes. General prosperity, welfare, emotional well being, health, and freedom they hold inside households count more.

Another major concern is harassment and domestic abuse. But yet again, I address it as a minor subset of a foremost & fundamental issue i.e., Lawlessness & Injustice. Endorsing Women Empowerment Bill or Women Harassment Bill is a virtuous move indeed but ineffectual, unless law & justice is ensued. Moreover, we have a country where the rights of men, children, women, and elderly equally are being jeopardized. Had there been a situation where men & children were attaining every right & only women were being endangered, I would have totally gone for feminism.

In reality, instead of outrageously fuming over women issues, we need to build the basic infrastructure to begin with. Primarily, toil upon actual & core issues i.e. Education For All, poverty elimination, justice for all,brought about by a willing headship.

In our society, Liberation of women could only come through first liberating men. An escalating economy & a free judiciary delivered through genuine political intent, would lead to social uplift anyways & will beget awareness of human as well as women rights. It will change attitude towards women without being overly skeptical about it. This is the lone recipe to resolve women issues in every developing country.

Gosh! Everything is culminating on a truthful, law-abiding political leadership, or is it just my obsession?

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On a lighter note today, in our chaos-ville, as I call it, do you know that amidst 18th amendment, exalted load shedding, Shoab-Sania show, corruption, price hike etc. there is now another crisis being confronted at domestic level- The tailoring crisis!



Summer is on. Tempting lawn prints are on sale, luring designer lawn is there on hoardings, magz, markets, that is, everywhere.  But no tailor is readily available to stitch them up. The situation is further deteriorated by the increased trend of using designs, frills, and laces on suits, which is more time consuming for the darzis. Tailors this year are not in a good frame of mind. Not their fault. Due to the bitty, round the clock load shedding, they have been unable to meet the demands. Hence they cease to take orders & delay orders to an extent that it has developed into a full fledged domestic crisis.Yes, this is true!

Using generators & UPS is of some aid but than it mounts up the price of stitching, adding fire to the fuel. Ladies disturbed & perturbed, having row at the darzi shops is even more regular & customary these days. Thus, totting up more heat to the already scorched sun. Some shrewd ones are using the opportunity by committing to stitch on time at higher rates.

designer lawn


Hang on, no crack down needed on tailors. Since their side of the story is equally tearful. Tailors are in a mess. The power crisis has left them crippled. They are in a dismal state. Nearly every one of them is finding it more strenuous to make both ends meet & hence are switching over to other “power-less” professions like Rickshaws, street hawkers etc or perhaps, who knows, breeding a brand new class of looters.

This leaves me wondering about yet another bitter reality. That is, so much disparity between various socio-economic classes in the same country. On one hand, there are a reasonable number of people effortlessly affording designer lawns even in this recession period. Whilst on the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are living hand to mouth, working their butts off, but still finding it complex to get even the indispensable utilities.

So far, the impoverished has been hit the most, by the ongoing clutter in the country. If nothing; we must at least treat them with little respect since they are the shock absorbers & pressure bearers of our society. Frankly, without them we are handicaps. 

Disappointingly, instead of driving on the high road, we are in a reverse gear, on a dodgy road. Time to learn stitching as well, I guess!! Well! Never mind. All I mind is, and pray and anticipate, that this reverse gear does not culminate into a petrifying, treacherous accident, that we may regret all our lives. Mind you from our primary days, a stitch in time saves nine.

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wt do u say

if no gossiping; how else would knowledge reach us?
how would historical facts be gathered ?

y is it considered bad though??wen indeed its a blessing!!!

theirs nothing like useless gossiping!!!
this is how u find out abt bad people around u.

nature,s alarm!!


I ponder over it; coz somtimes wen we r “discussing sum1” (now lets refrain from using the

word gosip)….sum1 suddenly comes up with “stop bakbiting”

but y ????????????

if I had never ever done gossiping…. i would have been as naive as a 3 yrs old.

how could I have survived in this cruel, brutal world????
wt abt social evils????
how could u know abt bad people around u .. from newspapers??? internet??
life is too short, precious & sacred.

u cant put yrself @ risk all the time.u dont have to experience everything, every1 by yrself

can u.??
therefore;;;; others around help…

one should learn from others’experiences……
this is the sensible attitude!!!!

though gossiping is not at all bad , as I said….

…but its considered bad somhow in our society; & although men gossip equally, they

associate every bad with women.

btw for some special cases, rapid speed of information is important ………………..wen

it comes to security issues.., drastic measures must be taken!!

Supporting further, isnt historical facts that we know today r a form of gosiping??
media gossip too.



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