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British race in Sub-continent

Indian sub-continent have been ruled over by Greeks, Mongols, Arab,s, British over centuries. All these rulers intermingled with native Indians & had marriages with them (except British). While today we see their remnants in terms of facial features, skin, eye, hair colour.

Punjabi natives in particular now possess a varied genetic make up because of intermingling/marriages over centuries. You ,ll find here all shades of colour ranging from very dark to pale/fair; green, blue eyes; even Mongolic features.i.e America of last millenium.!! :p

British however, in spite of being in sub-continent for around 4 centuries, had a more influential stay & infect leading to revolutionary changes in sub-continent history, didn’t contribute in this regard.

I know that the colonel Raj maintained an unbridgeable social gap from Native Indians. But it is surprising to see the extent of it, their rigidity, stubbornness, their strictness, so much so that after centuries of stay, all you see is a handful Anglo Indians. Why they kept themselves alienated from the mainstream? Why they didn’t intermingle with/married to locals like previous rulers????

Apart from Anglo Indians, their were Indian-born, bred British families settled for centuries in sub-continent, who actually have never been to Britian all their life.!!

During independence movement, they felt a loyalty to a British “home” that most had never seen. They moved out of sub-continent, migration continued after partition & continued till 60,s, 70,s. anglo indians still live in India. small minority only.but majority moved to UK, US,, CANADA, AUSTRALIA .

quite bad, even after living for 4 centuries here, not ever been to Britain, y were they not able to integrate like previous races?? or maintain their loyality to sub-continent.


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