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On a lighter note today, in our chaos-ville, as I call it, do you know that amidst 18th amendment, exalted load shedding, Shoab-Sania show, corruption, price hike etc. there is now another crisis being confronted at domestic level- The tailoring crisis!



Summer is on. Tempting lawn prints are on sale, luring designer lawn is there on hoardings, magz, markets, that is, everywhere.  But no tailor is readily available to stitch them up. The situation is further deteriorated by the increased trend of using designs, frills, and laces on suits, which is more time consuming for the darzis. Tailors this year are not in a good frame of mind. Not their fault. Due to the bitty, round the clock load shedding, they have been unable to meet the demands. Hence they cease to take orders & delay orders to an extent that it has developed into a full fledged domestic crisis.Yes, this is true!

Using generators & UPS is of some aid but than it mounts up the price of stitching, adding fire to the fuel. Ladies disturbed & perturbed, having row at the darzi shops is even more regular & customary these days. Thus, totting up more heat to the already scorched sun. Some shrewd ones are using the opportunity by committing to stitch on time at higher rates.

designer lawn


Hang on, no crack down needed on tailors. Since their side of the story is equally tearful. Tailors are in a mess. The power crisis has left them crippled. They are in a dismal state. Nearly every one of them is finding it more strenuous to make both ends meet & hence are switching over to other “power-less” professions like Rickshaws, street hawkers etc or perhaps, who knows, breeding a brand new class of looters.

This leaves me wondering about yet another bitter reality. That is, so much disparity between various socio-economic classes in the same country. On one hand, there are a reasonable number of people effortlessly affording designer lawns even in this recession period. Whilst on the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are living hand to mouth, working their butts off, but still finding it complex to get even the indispensable utilities.

So far, the impoverished has been hit the most, by the ongoing clutter in the country. If nothing; we must at least treat them with little respect since they are the shock absorbers & pressure bearers of our society. Frankly, without them we are handicaps. 

Disappointingly, instead of driving on the high road, we are in a reverse gear, on a dodgy road. Time to learn stitching as well, I guess!! Well! Never mind. All I mind is, and pray and anticipate, that this reverse gear does not culminate into a petrifying, treacherous accident, that we may regret all our lives. Mind you from our primary days, a stitch in time saves nine.

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