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Organization,more than donations is required

Donations are pouring in from internal resources, plus Pakistanis abroad. Credible NGO,s have geared up and Pakistani people are sane enough to know where to donate. I, once in a long while liked what sharifs said about showing reliance on your own resources first.

Many international celebs like Angelina Jolie, Paulo Coehlo, Rafael Nadal, queen Rania of Jordan have made appeals for donations, apart from repeated UN appeals. So we are in the limelight yet again! This time for a change, as a sufferer rather than as a terrorist. But as the situation evolves, I seem to dislike it. It is somehow damaging our self-esteem and casting an impression of a molested nation. Damn, we r not Haiti, neither Africa, we are Pakistan; we can bounce back no matter what the hurdles are, or for that matter, how much corrupt the governance is. We have what is rare round the world – the magnanimity of our hearts. Seriously, we possess the potential to spring back with our own resources & without begging for international aid.

I believe, more than heavy donation; an outstanding organization will save us. With appropriate organization & co-ordination, we can surmount the issue of low budget. More can become less, if managed inappropriately. Less can become more if handled in a disciplined and organized manner. Without proper organization, some areas will remain thrifty, while aid and rehab will be subjected to others.

As the Indus is reined free in the South, water in the north has somewhat calmed down. Water has receded from much of the NWFP. Without hinging on to the govt, NGO,s should now come forward right away. They should organize, divide areas, and start reconstruction & rehab on their own. The lesser the time the displaced people spend in the camps, the lower will be spent on their food & shelter, and especially medicine (for outbreaks) which these days are much more expensive than food & shelter. Moving the displaced back to their homes as soon as possible will reduce the funds spent on diseases that they would encounter in camps.

With apt management, (even leaving out the government) Pak is one unique nation that holds the potential to handle such astounding catastrophe. For a change, let us do the building on our own without repetitively begging international donors, as charity begins at home!


Is the country moving towards anarchy?

Yesterday midnight, few half-clad and unkempt men, broke into a house in a posh locality in Islamabad, using hammers and knifes. They hunt for food & dined on what was available in the kitchen, took away food and money, and eloped.

I hope not, but is it a promo of what the future holds for us? Unless and until, the government starts behaving, the security of the entire population is at stake. Moreover, unless the unaffected population shows enthusiasm and connection with the victims, we are doomed.

Three weeks have passed since the heavy floods, and still no policy has been prepared by the government, mere slogans. From day one, they should have imposed emergency at national level. The situation on ground is equally worse. Politicians are fighting for their own houses and lands. Sufferers are living in inhumane conditions. Govt elite are not ready to cooperate & unite with each other.

Even if a few thousand of these 20 million affectees rushed to urban areas, they will play havoc with the law & order situation and already wrecked economy of the country. And if that happened nobody will be spared, neither the governing elite nor the disconnected nation.

Time to wake up: both the government & the nation, otherwise we are moving towards an anarchic situation.

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