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back to stoneage

“Restore judiciary electricity” long March


Hours of load shedding at stretch, UPS ran down, no gas for generator, uncharged mobiles, freaky black out; this feels like Stone Age or a war zone. Applause to our  Nation who is resilient enough to still have good sense of humor and are sending comical texts regarding this miserable state & naming it merry load shedding or “happy load shedding” and what not

“Students are so desperate, we are even ready to remove the silt stocked in dams! “, a cousin studying in a local uni texted. Naïve enough, but it is not the silt rather inept governance on part of higher authorities that has led to power failure over the past few years.

However; enough patience tested.  Now like the restore judiciary march, a “restore electricity march”should be commenced. Students are doing small peaceful protests against load shedding as exams are on hand. Hope this coalesce into a Long, longest & productive march just like the victorious long march done for judiciary, involving people from all walks of life especially commerce & agriculture.

 Considering the performance of this government, their is absolutely no other way.

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