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Why Nawaz don’t seek medical treatment in Pakistan?

Sharif, the boy who cried wolf…

Sharifs’ left just in time, similar to Zardari abandoning Pakistan during devastating floods, while an issue of international importance, Raymond Davis, took a dramatic turn here. Poor Rasheed is now helplessly defending them, irrationally of course. Inventing that the whole Davis rescue mission was not into their knowledge, and expecting that people will believe them.

Nonetheless, I have serious reservations regarding Nawaz’s “ill health”. Being a high profile leader (self-proclaimed) in powerwhy did he not get treatment from Pakistan? “Unstable Angina”(which I presume he has or is feigning!) is a minor heart problem vis-a-vis therapeutic management and even a fresh medical house officer can manage. In addition, if he had angina symptoms, first thing he should never have traveled!

Do not forget, Sharif’s run their own two hospitals, Ittefaq and Sharif medical complex (appealing  website). It is understandable why he does not trust state run hospitals, since they have done little to improve them except sloganeering and false claims in public advertisements, but why the distrust on his own hospitals!

British prime minister gets his wife delivered in a district government NHS hospital. Manmohan Singh gets his cardiac by-pass surgery in a state-run hospital in Delhi. Javaid Hashmi goes to General Hospital for his life-threatening Hemorrhagic stroke, instead of being flown elsewhere. Dr Qadir gets his successful prostate cancer treatment in Pakistan. Imran Khan does not fly to UK for a major abdominal surgery.

If Nawaz’s wife was unwell, which she might be, than he has two grown up sons and sons-in-law, who should have accompanied their mother especially when the big boss himself was sick!

Being aware of the “Moral” past of Sharifs, especially in context of deceit and lying, I find it difficult to buy the “illness” story, unless they publically produce his angiography and medical record and a reason for seeking management in London or Switzerland. Unfortunately, it is the “The boy who cried wolf” saga with them now. No sympathy- we need our answers first.


Secrets of Success Decoded

Human mind is infinite. The “power of mind & intention” & the “reality of self” to achieve outstanding goals & objectives has been acknowledged & explained by many philosophers & powerful men round the world. ”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists. ”
Alexander graham bell. 1847-1922

One such “secret” is the “law of attraction”. In accordance with the law of attraction, you attract what you think the most. “Thoughts become Things”. This is like you being a magnet, attracting lifestyle, attracting people, thoughts, and events by virtue of what you are thinking. Creation is happening all the time in the universe. When there is a thought, creation manifests out of it. Everything in the universe is connected & is based on this law.

Thoughts have frequency. Frequent thoughts emit frequency on consistent basis. Thoughts send out that magnetic signals, that draw back the parallel back to you. So what you think and what you feel and what manifests is always a match. You can be what you want to be by applying this law.

“All power is from within and is therefore under our own control”
Robert Collier 1885-1950

This is the power of mind & intention & by guiding the way one thinks every human is capable of creating his own reality.

This is like placing your order with the universe – the universe responds to your wishes, rearranges itself in a non-physical world – u don’t need to know how it will happen, it will be shown to u. But you must bring yourself in alignment with what u r asking for by emitting positive emotions of enthusiasm, passion, hope, belief, optimism & not of pessimism, revenge, hatred, despair, fear & frustration. Negative thoughts indicate you are not aligned to what you desire.

Since the Law of attraction responds to your thoughts, a bad thought & a bad vibe attracts more of it & does not help you get rid of the bad circumstances you are in. However good thing is, an affirmative thought is hundred times more powerful than a negative thought.

“whether you think you can or you cant either way you are right”
Henry Ford 1863-1947

The way we feel is everything. Feelings r our feedback system whether we r aligned to our objective or not.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”

So first & foremost is to streamline your thoughts, have wishful positive thinking, develop self-respect, have confidence in self and a free will. Set clear targets, feel in tuned to your goal, have faith in yourself. The nature than conspires & corresponds to your the needs.

“You create your own universe as you go along”
Winston Churchill. 1874 – 1965
“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”
Dr Martin Luther king Jr. 1929- 1968

Dream on. Visualize. Visualization is a powerful phenomenon. It is so effective it has been used for training Olympic athletes by a programme called “visual motor rehearsal”.

 albert einstein
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”
Albert Einstein 1879 – 1955
“Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve”
W. Clement Stone 1902- 2002

Once you have successfully applied the law of attraction, move towards bigger & better fantasies. You can start with nothing & out of nothing a way will b made.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”
Joseph Campbell 1904-1987

Be thankful and develop attitude of gratitude for what you already have. It attracts support from the universe, shifts energy in a positive direction & u attract more of good things. (Wisdom of shukr & Surrah Rehman)

Relevant to this is a complete manual of success guidelines given by Allama Muhammad Iqbal. People of Pakistan in particular must consider them blessed. Iqbal the mystic, seer, revolutionary encoded his poetry with the ultimate secrets of success first for the revival of an individual & than for the revival of the whole nation in his scriptures Israr-i-khudi” & “Ramooz-i-bekhudi”. He gives the formula which can create miracles for nations. It would be most dreadful for the nation not to reap the benefit of his poetry.


Iqbal-the seer, the revolutionary

Iqbal not only signifies the “power of mind” & the “reality of self” like other visionaries & philosophers but he takes the secrets of success to an ultimate level, keeping Muhammad (PBUH) as a role model & gold standard. His concept of “khudi” yields a supernatural being capable of accomplishing everything conceived by & beyond the human mind.

Khird mandoon say kia pochoon key meri ibtida kia hey
Key mein iss fikr mein rehta hoon,meri inteha kia hey
Khudi ko kur buland itna key hur taqdeer say pehley
Khuda bundey say khud poochey,bata teri aza kia hey

Iqbal sees a superman in every human being who has the power of creating not only his own destiny but many around him. He sees an infinite universe & motivates to target the impossibles & than gives the recipe of achieving those impossible. He is a symbol of spiritual revival in muslim ummah. He has a radical revolutionary approach. His shaheen or mard-i-momin is a selfless, self-reliant, dignified being having higher moral values. His Mard-i-momin presented with the power of khudi is willing to turn every stone, try to the limit, and burn himself to accomplish a target that seems impossible.

wo sehr jis sey larazta hey shabistan-i-wajood
hoti hey banda-i-momin ke azan sey paida.

khudi is a supernatural, Divine force bestowed upon every human being. One has to activate it & maintain it to use it.

agar naa ho to khool key keh doon
wajood-i-hazrat-i-insaan naa rooh hey naa badan

How to build & develop khudi ??? – One should have an objective to die for -a selfless, benevolent, immaterial aim. You should be ready to burn yourself, bear hardships & be willing to sacrifice. This is a world of unlimited possibilities & for Iqbal impossible doesn’t exist.

Aim for higher moral values, maintain your dignity, and never compromise your self-respect. Do not beg. Purify, meditate & have a desire to reach Divine. Believe in & surrender to one Allah. Negate everything except Allah.

Thoughts have measurable frequencies. This Purification, frequent meditation, zikr, building thought process emits consistent magnetic signals/ frequency and in accordance with the “law of attraction” draws back energy & when it comes in harmony with the Creator, than your energy field starts operating in a larger magnanimous energy field i. e. the Divine energy field & you gain the potential & power to create your own destiny. As Iqbal mentions

Yeah jahan cheez hey kia looh-o-qalam terey hein

Iqbal emphasizes a lot on ishq-e-Rasool. According to him without love & respect for Prophet (PBUH), khudi cannot be achieved. Adopt the highest moral values he possessed & make prophet (PBUH) your role model & gold standard.

kee Muhammad sey wafa to ney to hum terey hein

He asks you to discipline yourself self with the fundamental pillars’ of Islam. Observe Rituals for the love of Allah, with an aim to connect with Him in order to achieve higher objectives & not for the sake of it.

Let us now apply “the secrets” for a shining, glorious Pakistan. Have positive outlook & stay optimistic. Revive your khudi, follow Iqbal, and surrender ONLY To Allah. Work on higher moral values, develop self respect, think selflessly, spread hope and eliminate frustration & despair.

Let not unfortunate situations & turmoil devastate you. Think & visualize a prosperous Pakistan. Set higher targets in your respective fields, put your heart and soul in your studies, show passion, excellence, and enthusiasm in your work with an intention to serve Pakistan, have faith in Lord & keep your fingers crossed.

This article has been inspired from Iqbal,s “khudi” & conceived from some basic metaphysics mentioned in “The Secrets” – a documentary by Rhonda Byrne (which is a compilation of basics by met physicists, psychologists, quantum physicists with quotes from some powerful men of the world).

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Contributions by Expatriate Pakistanis

Its nice to see expatriate Pakistanis contributing to remitances.

But still they can do a lot more…in many otherways as well.
well no offense; but I have seen overseas Pakistanis & their kidz talking more & contributing less.

I praise Indians here for outnumbering Pakistan (though i wouldnt compere remittence contributed by them coz of population difference), but Indian NRI have done a lot more to Indian economy than their pakistani couunterparts. Socially as well, Indians are more organized & move like a unit.

I appreciate their unity & Nationalism abroad.

I agree with the education differenc 😛 tat might b a big reason & obvously students r not expected to contribute in this regard.

well; theirs another thing i noticed; they send their zakats, charities to other muslim nations, Africa, even feel pride in chariting for Oxfam ; but not Paksitan!!!!.

Theirs absolutely no wrong in doing so; but then this particular group of pakistanis hav all sorts of complaints abt Pak & specially its people; Their grumbling is not justified.


British race in Sub-continent

Indian sub-continent have been ruled over by Greeks, Mongols, Arab,s, British over centuries. All these rulers intermingled with native Indians & had marriages with them (except British). While today we see their remnants in terms of facial features, skin, eye, hair colour.

Punjabi natives in particular now possess a varied genetic make up because of intermingling/marriages over centuries. You ,ll find here all shades of colour ranging from very dark to pale/fair; green, blue eyes; even Mongolic features.i.e America of last millenium.!! :p

British however, in spite of being in sub-continent for around 4 centuries, had a more influential stay & infect leading to revolutionary changes in sub-continent history, didn’t contribute in this regard.

I know that the colonel Raj maintained an unbridgeable social gap from Native Indians. But it is surprising to see the extent of it, their rigidity, stubbornness, their strictness, so much so that after centuries of stay, all you see is a handful Anglo Indians. Why they kept themselves alienated from the mainstream? Why they didn’t intermingle with/married to locals like previous rulers????

Apart from Anglo Indians, their were Indian-born, bred British families settled for centuries in sub-continent, who actually have never been to Britian all their life.!!

During independence movement, they felt a loyalty to a British “home” that most had never seen. They moved out of sub-continent, migration continued after partition & continued till 60,s, 70,s. anglo indians still live in India. small minority only.but majority moved to UK, US,, CANADA, AUSTRALIA .

quite bad, even after living for 4 centuries here, not ever been to Britain, y were they not able to integrate like previous races?? or maintain their loyality to sub-continent.



wt do u say

if no gossiping; how else would knowledge reach us?
how would historical facts be gathered ?

y is it considered bad though??wen indeed its a blessing!!!

theirs nothing like useless gossiping!!!
this is how u find out abt bad people around u.

nature,s alarm!!


I ponder over it; coz somtimes wen we r “discussing sum1” (now lets refrain from using the

word gosip)….sum1 suddenly comes up with “stop bakbiting”

but y ????????????

if I had never ever done gossiping…. i would have been as naive as a 3 yrs old.

how could I have survived in this cruel, brutal world????
wt abt social evils????
how could u know abt bad people around u .. from newspapers??? internet??
life is too short, precious & sacred.

u cant put yrself @ risk all the time.u dont have to experience everything, every1 by yrself

can u.??
therefore;;;; others around help…

one should learn from others’experiences……
this is the sensible attitude!!!!

though gossiping is not at all bad , as I said….

…but its considered bad somhow in our society; & although men gossip equally, they

associate every bad with women.

btw for some special cases, rapid speed of information is important ………………..wen

it comes to security issues.., drastic measures must be taken!!

Supporting further, isnt historical facts that we know today r a form of gosiping??
media gossip too.



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