Do not forget the nightmare we have recovered from

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Pakistan lost to India in the world-cup semi final at Mohali. The battle of Mohali, a cricket match for the 20% of the world population, turned into massacre of Mohali for Pakistani fans and deeply struck them. Heartbroken 😦     There were high hopes and expectations, coinciding the event with the 1992 world-cup win, which even the team captain Imran Khan acclaimed, was a miraculous victory, though it was a hardworking and competent team.

Nevertheless, an ordinary, controversy stricken team brought us at the verge of a world cup win and so we have all the reasons to celebrate. Last four years and particularly the last one had been historicity, the worst one for Pak cricket, with all those spot-fixing scandals undermining national pride. There were fears being raised about Pakistan’s possibility of elimination from International cricket. This semi-reach has projected to the world on a huge Mohali platform that “we might be sleeping but we are not dead”!

Albeit, the way the event glued Pakistanis together is amazing to see. For what the country has been through, the divides, the turmoil, this one rare event united us all together. There were prayers for the team in mosques, temples, and churches alike –a spirit rarely seen.

‎”Though Afridi couldn’t win the world cup, for 30 days he made this country into a nation” – goes Ramiz Raja.

I have a firm faith in miracles, but with that come strenuous hard work and determination. Some real hard work needs to be done here. The “unpredictability” factor is not our strength; it is a mark of a flawed and struggling system bubbling with talent. The young surprise bundles Wahab Riaz, Asad Shafiq reflects the immense aptitude, and potential this country has. With such talent, there is dire need for institute building. More new boys need to be inducted.

Considering the fact that “everything is wrong” with Pakistan Cricket Board, what that has happened  is for good because certainly a win would have camouflaged known critical issues with Pakistan cricket, especially PCB instead of rectification. They must learn from mistakes and peak above politics.

Moreover, I am an admirer of Indian unity, their lasting pride, and nationalism-their “gairat brigade”. Much of it was echoed during the Mohali battle. I appreciate and I think they deserve the victory. The cup will come back to us when we will show sustained and unrelenting unity and discipline for it. Lets hope that this semi reach be the first step of the ladder. Let us optimize this unity – for now, we badly need it more than the world cup.

Fairly, at the end of a dream, some of us still do not realize the nightmare we have recovered from….Cheer up Pakistan!



Ritz Rulz @imdnextbuffet tweeted at 6:10PM on March 30th from Mumbai,

“Bookie update..India will bat first score over 260, 3 wickets fall within the first 15 overs, pak will cruise to 100, then lose 2 quick wickets, at 150 they will be 5 down and crumble and lose by a margin of over 20 runs. Let’s c if its truee.. Neways who cares.. Winning is impt.. Evrythg is fair in love n war… N dis.. Is WAR”

So????? 😦

Are our heroes not really heroes?

Damn, bookies?? 😦


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