Protesting against Raymond Davis’ release- tell you why

Raymond proved to be a rare unity dot in Pakistan’s recent history other than cricket. Reason being the extreme anguish and frustration amongst general public vis-à-vis government’s ghastly poor governance including foreign policy; unbalanced and tilted far away from national interests culminating in horrendous security concerns.

Davis, a mole having a list of accusations to his credit – an assassin, a contractor, and his alleged connections with banned outfits, acted as a catalyst. The case proved to be a check of deliverance of justice as well as a test of fidelity of the present regime. Bound to release, but the whole saga has uncovered literally everybody.

Though, it wouldn’t be fair to hold judiciary or qisas law alone responsible for what happened, because the trial on legitimate grounds never happened. However, it has been ascertained now that the Pakistani authorities under American pressure misused the law, the judiciary was beleaguered, and Davis was released in an overnight commando extravaganza. Which sovereign country and which solemn democratic nation would accept such a run?

Juvenile free Judiciary succumbed to pressure, but role of establishment was equally disappointing. Nevertheless, they are working under utmost pressure for the whole strategy building responsibility, a job of the political lead in a democratic state, has been assigned to them, with minimal liability on part of the irresolute premiership.

Looking at the victims’ indigent family, it should not come as a surprise that they eventually surrendered and accepted blood money, unless perhaps there had been such reassurances from other ends. Still, it’s early to opine until the family, missing now, comes forward.

But it wasn’t murder alone, Davis should have been trialed for anti-state activities, the foremost concern. Question is why was he not convicted of espionage? And who’s responsible for this leverage. The Incapacitate, sycophant Pakistani authorities deliberately undermined espionage, trivializing their responsibility and should now resign, reason enough to protest against them.

Fearing repercussions at home, Hillary denied paying blood money. Who wins the Oscar for best liar here! The two govts are dodging their nations and spending trillions of taxpayers hard-earned money shielding mercenaries in an unwinnable war.

Rather than alleviating concern of Pakistanis over roaming mercenaries, US welcomed the “deal” by waging a mini-war -6 drone strikes in one day, killing 44 mostly innocent, even admitted and condemned by Pakistan’s military chief. Having already sacrificed 32,000 lives, why should not it infuriate Pakistan?

Nevertheless, I assume the tyranny has gone beyond forbearance and the protests will have no stopping now. Pakistanis will have to stand up to the bullies on the playground – First against the ones within the country.


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  1. […] Saleem narrates why Pakistanis are rallying behind protests against the release of the American security official […]


  2. […] Saleem narrates why Pakistanis are rallying behind protests against the release of the American security official […]


  3. […] Saleem narrates why Pakistanis are rallying behind protests against the release of the American security official […]


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  5. Posted by faisal on March 7, 2012 at 1:36 am

    Even if you apply Qisas and Diyat by paying blood money you HAVE to do the COURT CASE. Only after the accused is found guilty then you can pay blood money. Not many people know this. No one wanted to trial as the fact that he had no visa and worked for blackwater would have come out. Also the involvement of the Chief Minister and President and army in flooding our country with American terrorists. The trial was not allowed to happen as questions would have been asked about who are the real terrorists in Pakistan and who blew up Data Sahib and countless mosques in Pakistan. It wasnt a Pakistan thats for sure. America is determined to carve up Pakistan but the army sits back and lets the Americans kill our soldiers and use drones. Nawaz Sharif and brother Shabaz flew to the UK so that this evil terrorist could escape. Imran actually met John Kerry for some reason who claimed he was a diplomat. Expel all blackwater from Pakistan and stop drone attacks.


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