Silence of the Nation:Apathy or Distrust?

Pakistan is going through a devastating catastrophe, a national disaster. The country has been hit by the largest floods ever in her history affecting all of the provinces on a huge scale. The floods have affected 14million people all over the country. Their homes, hotels, shops have been smashed. Crops have been damaged and many lives have been lost, first by the flood and later by the disease. The loss is huge.

Unexpectedly, quite the reverse, theirs no earnest political will. Joy heli-rides for media coverage are in vogue. Mr. President fled & received a historical welcome in Birmingham! However, strangely, even the people are not as motivated as they always used to get. Deserted relief camps are being reported. The unaffected population seems detached and disconnected from the disaster. Theirs no such enthusiasm as was observed during the earthquake or even during Swat operation for IDP,s last  year. Even though, the calamity this time is larger and demands more in terms of financial aid, since the effected area is colossal & the entire infrastructure is lost. It is like rebuilding Pakistan all over again. Are we underrating the disaster? or is it apathy, insensitivity, and neglect on our part?

Unbelievable! One thing I can never admit about this nation is that it lacks sensitivity at crucial times. We may be very immoral, but mute attitude at such moments is not like us. (Except for the president of course)

So what has happened now? Is it Inconsiderateness and numbness because of incessant turmoil? Alternatively, is it actually lack of trust in relief organizations? Be it governmental or non-governmental?

I perceive it is the later. Pakistanis are one of the largest charity-giving nations. The whole world observed the mind-blowing enthusiasm shown at national level after the 2005 earthquake. Even last year we saw massive support and help pouring in for swat IDP,s.

But what happens with the money collected so diligently? During the earthquake relief, millions were collected in the form of world aid as well as fund raising by Pakistanis. Nevertheless, the money was mismanaged and theirs no accountability either. Last year as well, massive corruption was witnessed especially in the effected province. In spite of receiving heavy funds, the KP Govt remain unable to handle Swat managerially and is still relying heavily on army. Inarguably, Govt has lost all its credibility, but what about the NGO, s? Even they have no accountability and corruption among them is quite common. Theirs no scrutiny and no inspection procedure to find out if the money collected by NGO,s was fairly spent.

Fund raising has kicked off all over Pak and apart from government; various other beneficiaries have come into play. Though, the only funds government deserves to have are for constructing dams and reservoirs, if they are willing to. While planning for donation, I could only come up with a handful of trustworthy and reliable organizations. I fully support PTI, s Flood Relief fund raising & recommend all of you to generously and blindly donate irrespective of political differences. Army relief, Edhi Foundation, UNHCR as well. Another relatively younger organization PKKH, it seems is equally trustworthy. I anticipate and believe that these and other NGO, s will be able to provide relief without raising question marks on their credibility.

In our limited capacity, we cannot make water management policies, construct dams & reservoirs, plant forests for long-term prevention, ensure just handling of funds, upgrade disaster management, and monitor relief activities on DIY basis, but we can donate. So donate!

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rana Usman on August 14, 2010 at 4:01 am

    Very well Compiled Blog I must say.

    “Unbelievable! One thing I can never admit about this nation is that it lacks sensitivity at crucial times”



    • thanx.
      I beleive, people will go out & donate personally once the water recedes. An effective govt can channelize their individual efforts.


  2. donated water, dry milk & antibiotics to army relief yesterday.


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