FB,Wiki,Utube blocked over blasphemy

PTA has blocked youtube & Wikipedia as well after Facebook and Foreign office has recorded protest over blasphemy offense at international level. I personally agree with the facebook ban & protests all over Pakistan against “Draw Muhammad Day”, however, I think blocking Blackberry & now youtube is a bit extreme.

Nonetheless, International media must play their role with responsibility, especially while dealing with such delicate and sensitive issues. If the world is talking about promoting inter-faith harmony, than the world must realize now how sensitive Muslims are when it comes to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Not understanding their sentiments will only amplify clash between civilizations. Especially when people among them prevented publishing of Jesus caricatures considering it will hurt emotions of many. There should not be double-standards in the name of “freedom of speech”.

Ideally & per FB rules, the group should have been deleted by the FB admin themselves long ago, just like they do with other offensive and violent stuff. FB is a world renowned website, much trusted & appreciated. So whether it was some other minor site as well,it doesnt matter. Not doing so itself shows violation of their own rules & regulations and double-standards, and I guess it is sane and humane that it should be protested in someways. Remember how a 20K Zaid Hamid page was brought down by them considering it offensive!! It would have been, but likewise the world knows how offensive caricatures are for Muslims.

There is varied response. Some consider it exaggerated & emotional reponse.Some people are objecting even FB ban, stating that it has only spilled the dirt which was previously limited to one page. I disagree with that. As a general rule, I consider it cowardice & immoral to hide or cover up any offense or wrongdoing.

If you do not condemn an offense, you will eventually become sensitized & empathic. Pakistanis have already done that looking at the worsening state of affairs over decades & ill response of the public. This objection against cartoon at least indicates we still have some gairat left. It is good to see all united on 1 platform irrespective of sectarian differences. 

I totally agree with the fact that muslims must first develop themselves into the character Muhammad preached. I am a strong believer & promoter that the change should b from within. I condemn people camouflaging themselves with beards, and tasbeehs. But, the fact is muslims have an inborn association & love with the Prophet which even the least practicing ones cannot negate. Hence, emotions play and such reaction to blashemic content naturally happen. 

 I m pleased to see their r Pakistanis who can understand the depth of the issue. As Atiqa Odho, puts in on her twitter account “20th May Fb ban is a symbolic gesture to support our religious belief. Kindly stand up for what is offensive to us”

Pakistanis are already missing FB, apparent from the rolling texts & online discussions. I do sympathize with all the farmers of Farmville though. Hope their farms survive the 10 day ban!!

Compiled from my comments on twitter & blogs. 


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