Crying in the wilderness

Oppression is worse than death.  Freedom is bliss. Ultimate freedom is ultimate delight. My soul yearns to breath in fresh air, clear my head, break all the chains & soar high. One doesn’t have to be week to be oppressed.  The wicked, the immoral, the mighty can use weakness of the strongest to bully, to destroy. And this is the worst of any oppression.

 The weak subjugates, the stronger frustrates, and the strongest frustrates the most, gets bunged up altogether. The strongest goes through the worst of the mental turmoil.  Your Strengths become your weaknesses. There remains an ongoing war between hope & despair, heart & mind.

A nation like ours, in distress is going through hell like this. Not because it is week, or incompatible. Instead, A sturdy, resilient, brilliant nation, a steel headed nation, but chained, coz it is being ruled by the weakest, lousy leaders ever in her history. Further weekend by the US bully using the leaderships’ weaknesses’ to gear her to disaster.

NRO before, 18th amendment now- I see no difference, superadded by ruined economy, unemployment, price hike & load shedding, all because of incapacity of the higher authorities to govern. Our sovereignty is at stake & self-respect is being compromised like never before.

The weakest have subjugated, the stronger are getting frustrated, and the strongest who can gear us out ,are probably blown up to an extent that they are out of thei mind or are unsure what to do.

They are the first ones who need to wake up, to reorganize their minds & revolutionize. Time to ameliorate.

The Pakistani Spectator


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