Contributions by Expatriate Pakistanis

Its nice to see expatriate Pakistanis contributing to remitances.

But still they can do a lot more…in many otherways as well.
well no offense; but I have seen overseas Pakistanis & their kidz talking more & contributing less.

I praise Indians here for outnumbering Pakistan (though i wouldnt compere remittence contributed by them coz of population difference), but Indian NRI have done a lot more to Indian economy than their pakistani couunterparts. Socially as well, Indians are more organized & move like a unit.

I appreciate their unity & Nationalism abroad.

I agree with the education differenc 😛 tat might b a big reason & obvously students r not expected to contribute in this regard.

well; theirs another thing i noticed; they send their zakats, charities to other muslim nations, Africa, even feel pride in chariting for Oxfam ; but not Paksitan!!!!.

Theirs absolutely no wrong in doing so; but then this particular group of pakistanis hav all sorts of complaints abt Pak & specially its people; Their grumbling is not justified.



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